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Chez Lumiali Bijoux

Waīna model - unique model

Waīna model - unique model

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Single pair, for single person

• Waxed thread earrings and raw brass charm with Peristerite (Moonstone) inlay guaranteed nickel and lead free, this material is perfect for sensitive skin!

• They measure 8cm in length and 3.5cm in width.

Handmade in France

100% waterproof yarn

No discoloration of wire and charms

Virtues and discovery around Peristerite:

Peristeritis is ideal for people who are hesitant and uncertain since it could help to develop greater confidence in general. Indeed, this stone could allow its holder to have a greater faith in his abilities, in his decisions but also in his future. Because of this, it is very conducive to the elimination of doubts and fears.

Favoring vitality and serenity, peristeritis is able to reduce the feeling of fatigue as well as the mental load. It is also beneficial for protection, communication and acceptance. This liberating stone helps to release all bad emotions, be it sadness, stress or negativity.

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