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Chez Lumiali Bijoux

Vaīna model - Amazonite

Vaīna model - Amazonite

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Unique model, for a unique person ! 🌿

• Necklace with Amazonite, waxed thread and raw brass with a hand molded charm (nickel and lead free guaranteed) perfect for sensitive skin!

• This collar is adjustable thanks to a sliding system, which allows you to wear it at the height you want.

Handmade in France

100% waterproof yarn

No fading of thread or charms/beads

Virtues and discoveries around Amazonite:

Amazonite has many physical properties. It helps to fight against depression by improving the mood and soothing the people who wear it. It also helps to help the immune system to defend itself against diseases or viruses. Amazonite is often used to help improve cholesterol levels.

It is also a useful stone for purifying the liver and kidneys which improves physical condition. It is very useful after a big meal or during the festive period to help eliminate accumulated toxins.

Amazonite is used in many cultures for its mental as well as physical benefits and virtues. It makes it possible to better express and welcome the tenderness of loved ones, because it helps to better perceive the feelings of others. It is a stone known in lithotherapy for soothing anxieties and negative feelings such as anger or nervousness.

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