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Chez Lumiali Bijoux

Lunīæ model - model of your choice

Lunīæ model - model of your choice

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Natural Stone

Small bracelets by need and desire! 🌿

• Bracelets with natural pearls of your choice. In waxed thread and raw brass (guaranteed free of nickel and lead), which is ideal for sensitive skin.

• Adjustable bracelets, thanks to a sliding system that allows you to adapt it to the size of your wrist and to be able to remove it whenever you want!


Black Onyx: Removes sadness and grants stamina, strength, and vigor.

Azurite Malachite: It cleanses and strengthens the emotional body, releasing stress and worry

Apatite: This stone is ideal for shy people as well as people who have difficulty expressing themselves.

Amethyst: It promotes spiritual elevation, concentration and meditation. It is the stone that stimulates imagination, creativity, clarity of mind, serenity

Netstone Jasper: It relieves stress. It is an artist's stone, it develops sensitivity and the sense of beauty in everything that surrounds us.

Green Aventurine: It gives strength to fight against fears. She gives a good mood. Aventurine would be very helpful for people who are always living under stress.

Rose Quartz: It brings love, benevolence and self-confidence. It helps to uplift the soul.

Amazonite: It is a joyful stone, ideal for finding your child's soul, the amazonite awakens the joy of living, it helps to put things into perspective and above all to live the present moment spontaneously.

Do you want another color? Do not hesitate to contact me by email, facebook or Instagram!

Handmade in France

100% waterproof yarn

No fading of thread or charms/beads

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Eirian TRAN

Un joli bracelet j'aime beaucoup ♥