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Chez Lumiali Bijoux

Kataïna model - hematite - unique model

Kataïna model - hematite - unique model

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• Single model •

✽ Bracelet in waxed cotton thread, total Hematite and seed bead.

• Adjustable strap, so it can fit any wrist!

Virtues and discovery on Hematite:

One of the main properties of hematite is its anti-fatigue and de-stressing effect. This fine gray stone reduces cramps, soothes, relaxes and purifies.

Although black in appearance, hematite actually belongs to the category of red stones and is particularly suitable for apathetic and extinct people by imparting energy and courage.

Hematite is a mineral that promotes the healing of wounds, it purifies the blood and has great detoxifying power. It facilitates blood oxygenation and improves metabolism. Due to its high iron content, it can be a good support for treatments for anemia.

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