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Chez Lumiali Bijoux

Delnā model - unique model - Labradorite

Delnā model - unique model - Labradorite

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Unique pendant, for a unique person!

• Necklace with Labradorite, waxed thread and raw brass (nickel and lead free guaranteed), it is ideal for sensitive skin!

• Adjustable model, thanks to a sliding system. You can therefore adapt it to your neck, and adjust it as you wish.

Handmade in France

100% waterproof yarn

No thread discoloration

Virtues and discovery around Labradorite:

The Labradorite stone forms a real protection against negative thoughts. Unloaded of this mental pollution, the mind is clearer and more positive. This benefit is particularly effective during meditation. Labradorite fixes the mind on the essential.

Worn as jewelry, this stone helps stabilize hormones. Stress and anxiety are relieved, giving way to well-being. This gem offers mental protection, and reinforces serene and calm thoughts.

Freed from the weight of anxiety, the mind is freer to dream. Thanks to labradorite, inspiration returns. Highly appreciated by professions related to medicine, this stone helps to better understand the people around us. It also helps single people feel better.

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