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Chez Lumiali Bijoux

Aīla model - unique model - Tiger's eye

Aīla model - unique model - Tiger's eye

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The 1st unique hand trinket is finally available!

• Hand jewelry with a splendid Tiger Eye, waxed thread and raw brass with charm (nickel and lead free guaranteed), perfect for sensitive skin!

• This hand jewelry is FULLY adjustable, both for the bracelet part, as well as for the ring part. Thanks to the sliding ties, you can easily adjust it to your size.

Handmade in France

100% waterproof yarn

No thread/charm discoloration

Virtues and discovery around Tiger's Eye:

In litho-therapy, tiger's eye is used as a protector from bad luck and negative effects. The stone plays the role of a shield against negative ideas, and sends them back like a boomerang to its transmitter.

Worn in jewelry but also used in raw stone, this mineral promotes good vibes and helps creativity. Tiger's eye helps to differentiate between the emotions of others and one's own emotions. It accompanies in the quest for oneself, and brings courage and audacity. Tiger's Eye strengthens self-confidence by reducing fears and lowering our emotional barriers. Thus, friendly and romantic relationships are more harmonious.

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