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Chez Lumiali Bijoux

Lïndial collection - unique model - pink quartz

Lïndial collection - unique model - pink quartz

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Single Model

• Necklace in waxed cotton thread, brass and Rose Quartz.

• Adjustable necklace it can be worn close to the neck or as a long necklace.

Virtues and discovery of Rose Quartz:

• Brings love and self-confidence

• Reduces ulcers and hypertension

• Relieves stress

• Makes breathing easier

• Helps you fall asleep

• Helps reduce headaches

This healing stone symbolizes unconditional love and brings security and tenderness.

The pink color of this mineral also has soothing properties. Rose Quartz helps reduce stress and minimize adverse effects on the body. This stone will therefore lead you to find inner peace. Thanks to this, relationships with others are made naturally.

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