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Chez Lumiali Bijoux

Tree of Life Collection - Jade Nephrite - unique model

Tree of Life Collection - Jade Nephrite - unique model

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A beautiful unique set to offer or afford! ❤

"All theory is gray, but flourishing green is the tree of life." (Goethe)

• Necklace and bracelet with Nephrite Jade, brass beads (nickel and lead free) and waxed cotton thread.

• The necklace is adjustable, so it can be worn close to the neck or as a long necklace. You choose!

• The strap is also adjustable, so it can fit any wrist

Virtues and discovery around Nephrite Jade:

Jade is a contact stone. To activate its effects, it is best to wear it as jewelry or hold it in your hand. Spiritual stone, it encourages to be oneself and helps to know oneself. Jade helps to find inner peace, which promotes calming of the mind. The mind is freed, and gives way to tranquility.

A breakup, the departure of a loved one or the loss of a loved one are hardships to overcome. Jade lets go of negative thoughts and renews them into positive ones to heal those mental wounds. Emotions stabilize and make the mind serene. The Jade stone allows you to move forward after hardships.

To be good with others, you have to be good with yourself. The Jade Stone promotes harmonious relationships. Symbol of honesty, Jade leads to a healthier and more sincere emotional life. It is a stone that removes feelings of guilt, and facilitates authentic exchanges.

Handmade in France

100% waterproof yarn

No thread discoloration

All jewelry is sent in a nice package, made with gentleness and kindness.

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