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Chez Lumiali Bijoux

Vailia cuff - Unakite - unique model

Vailia cuff - Unakite - unique model

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Unique bracelet straight out of the forest ! ❤

"All theory is gray, but flourishing green is the tree of life." (Goethe)

• Cuff style bracelet, with Unakite and raw brass (nickel and lead free guaranteed).

• The cuff is adjustable thanks to a sliding system, so it can adapt to all wrists and can be removed when desired.

Virtues and discovery around Unakite:

The green stone dotted with red allows you to reconnect with yourself after removing unconscious blockages from the past. It promotes introspection and allows you to integrate the components of a difficult event, to step back, put things into perspective and accept it for better move on with your life.

Unakite is an excellent support that helps us overcome our failures and free ourselves from the past or traumatic events.

The Unakite stone finally has the property of leaving behind negative emotions and memories and facilitates inner dialogue and questioning.

The epidote stone has the virtue of helping to heal heartache, heartache and disappointment in love. A very useful benefit for people who tend to devalue themselves following mistakes or failure in any field.

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